It’s now critical to make sure your training as a Medical Assistant, leads to becoming a Registered or Certified Medical Assistant through National Certification.

Central Oklahoma College prepares our Medical Assistant Students to take the National Certification to become a Registered Medical Assistant through the American Association of Medical Personnel (AAMP).   Electronic Healthcare Records, also called EHRs, are the main way Doctors and their staff, clinics, hospital etc., keep track of their patients. They send referrals, prescriptions, insurance and everything electronically. In order to  to get reimbursed for the Medicare and Medicaid patients that they treat, doctors’ offices have to meet the requirement of using EHRs in their office. For you as a Medical Assistant, to  now have access to use this EHR system, you must be registered or certified through a recognized body. If you aren’t, the chances of you gaining employment in this field are not very good. In order to become registered or certified, you need to graduate from a medical assisting program that is approved by a body. Assure your opportunities for employment are numerous-Enroll today!


Here, at Central Oklahoma College, we are pleased to announce that our all Medical Assistant training program started at our Oklahoma City campus. Our Medical Assistant program can be completed in less than one year and with well rounded courses that consist of theory, hands on laboratory classes and exciting real world clinical experiences, we know that you will be successful! This program prepares our graduates for a variety of careers in the demanding medical community. As a Medical Assistant you will enjoy the feeling of security knowing job opportunities are plentiful, well paying and rewarding because you are helping people in their time of need. 
Visit our website, call our knowledgeable Admissions Representatives at 405.609-6622 or drop by for a tour of our facility! We are located at 14820 Serenita Ave. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73134. Let us help you transform your future!

Pictured: Carmela, Director of Medical Assistant. 15 years experience in the Medical Field as well as teaching experience.