There’s no worse feeling than looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing that you not only feel tired but you looked that way too.

You’d love to freshen up your hair and nails, but you simply can’t afford it.

Or maybe you’d love to get your beard shaped and trimmed, but you know that’s simply not in your budget this month, and probably next month too.

There’s an easy answer to this dilemma and it comes in the form of using the salon services of your local technical school, such as Central Oklahoma College.

The students studying with us are future salon and spa employees not just locally, but also nationwide. Availing of the services they offer while they’re still studying will not only benefit you but the students themselves.

And in this blog post we’re going to explain exactly how that works.

#1 Save Money

It makes sense to make the most of your disposable income, especially when it comes to something as expensive as personal grooming. What you find is that our students can provide you with a professional standard of service and results you love but at much lower prices than you will find in any chain spa or salon.

This might seem like a trivial saving to make for a single haircut or style, but when you factor in having your kid’s hair cut, and the grooming needs of your significant other, it all adds up to a lot of extra cash in any given year.

#2 Boost Student’s Careers

We do our very best to provide our students with all the skills and competencies they need to work in the real world. But all the theoretical knowledge we can give them pales in comparison to actually being able to work with clients in a real-life setting, but under the watchful gaze and supervision of their tutors and mentors.

By using our salon and spa services you are helping students gain the very skills that will be so important to them later in their career. And who knows, you might even become one of their regular clients once they graduate.

#3 High Standards

Some people are put off the idea of attending a salon or spa that is part of a college because they incorrectly assume that the standard of hairdressing, waxing, lash tints, etc. won’t be as good as at their regular salon.

In reality you actually get a better standard of service because our students are aware of the latest trends in hairstyles, and the best techniques to create the exact style to suit your needs. Their supervisors and tutors are also on-hand to help them with any questions they might have.

This is a completely different experience to most chain salons where employees have little or no supervision. Or at least they don’t until something goes badly wrong.

#4 Full Range of Services

The Central Oklahoma College salon and spa offers a full range of services for women, children and men. These include shampoo and hair cuts for men and kids, and also shaving for men, as well as beard trimming.

Female clients can avail of the latest techniques and technologies in shampoo and styling, deep conditioning, detangling and even updos for important social occasions.

If you really need to unwind and relax then you could consider investing in one of our massage services, including Swedish massage for when you want to work out all the knots in your back and shoulders.

Our students are also trained to provide full manicure and pedicure services, gel polish, waxing, and also lash and brow tints.

In fact, you’ll find there are very few salon and spa services we don’t offer.

#5 Students Love Perfection

The trainee aestheticians and stylists working in our salon want to give you results you’ll be delighted with.

Our students are still in the learning process, so are excited about what they’re doing and the results our customers see are a direct result of that enthusiasm.

Your Salon Visit Awaits

The trainee estheticians at Central Oklahoma College are ready to give you a whole new look, so why not book an appointment today?

Walk-in customers are always welcome.

Please note that customers must be at least 8 years old to visit us.