Students entering Central Oklahoma College with credit earned in an accredited college or school approved by the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology & Barbering may be given advanced standing. Accepted credits will not be considered in computing grade point averages but will be applied toward program completion requirements. Each transfer of credit request will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Director of Education.

Prior to enrollment, a student seeking transfer credit must provide the College with an official transcript. Grades equivalent to B or better are required. Courses marked with “S” or “P” will not be accepted. Credits received for internship/externship, remedial or audited, continuing education, or correspondence courses will not transfer.

Students seeking transfer credit from an approved Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology & Barbering school that does not issue transcripts may be required to undergo a written and/or practical assessment in order to determine program placement and verify they possesses the knowledge and skill provided by the course for which credit is sought. The College will verify hours submitted to State Board by the previous school(s) prior to giving credit. As of September 1, 2016, State Board will not allow a student to transfer hours from school to school if “tuition is not paid in full according to contractual agreement.” The students’ hours will be released upon completion of a School Affidavit indication tuition is paid in full. Students do not have the option of waiving hours accumulated at the previous school(s).

Students entering with transfer credits in the Massage Therapy program are not eligible to receive the Graduate Table Package as part of tuition and must be purchased separately.

Although Central Oklahoma College accepts credits from other institutions, this does not guarantee the transferability of credits earned while attending this College to another school. Students considering continuing their education should contact the receiving institution to determine which credits, if any, will be accepted. In all instances, transfer credits cannot exceed 75% of the total credits required for graduation. The accepted transfer credits will be made part of the student’s permanent academic record.

Prior Credit Policy for Veterans

Students utilizing VA education benefits must provide all transcripts and records of previous education and training. Central Oklahoma College will evaluate these records and, when possible, grant appropriate credit for the previous education and/or training, shorten the length of the training program, and notify the student regarding the amount of credit being granted for previous training.

The fees for books and supplies are included in tuition. Tuition for transfer or reentry students will be prorated based on current tuition price.