Central Oklahoma College offers a scholarship to all recent Oklahoma GED recipients of $500. The scholarship is not to exceed the direct cost of tuition and fees, with aid packages adjusted accordingly once awarded.


  • Received GED in Oklahoma within one year of application
  • Completed application
  • 250 word essay explaining why the student chose their program of study
  • A copy of GED or GED transcript
  • 2 letters of recommendation(in sealed envelope)


The application along with all other requirements must be completed and given to the Financial Aid Department prior to the first day of class.


  • The student will be given the application for this scholarship by the Admissions Department.
  • The student will turn in the complete application, 2 letters of recommendation (in sealed envelope), complete high school transcript, and essay to the Financial Aid Department.
  • Once the Financial Aid Department has verified all required documents have been completed they will give to the Campus Director.
  • The Campus Director will review the application and all other required documents.
    • If student meets all requirements the campus director will approve and give to Financial Aid Department
    • If the student doesn’t meet requirements the Campus Director will deny and give to Financial Aid Department. The Financial Aid department will inform the student.
  • The Financial Aid Department will award approved scholarship and adjust aid as needed. They will contact the student to sign a new Award Letter.

Download complete application for GED Scholarship