“Central Oklahoma College taught me everything I needed to know to pass my state board test the first time, and the importance of sanitation and how to work in a fast pace environment.”–Cosmetology Graduate, Stacey Powell

“The people. The people made a difference. My teachers, classmates, and the administration. Outside of being a mom, graduating and becoming a cosmetologist is one of the biggest accomplishments in my life. The feeling when I graduated was amazing, and I feel that I have almost been given a superpower.”-Cosmetology Graduate, Monic Sims

“They will prepare you for your tests and also for the real world problems you may face. Whether it is having one on one time to better understand something or group projects, the structure of you career is created here. You will grow with knowledge and understanding of the career choice. They will prepare you with interviews, tests, reality examples and also business for those who are becoming business owners. You will have opportunities to have immediate job placement after school. You will graduate with confidence and the ability to achieve your goals.” Medical Assistant Graduate, Ashley Humbles

“Central State Beauty and Wellness College prepared me for the world of Esthetics better than I could ever imagine. The support of the staff and instructors continues even after you have graduated!” -Hannah Nichols, July 2016 Esthetician Graduate

“I can’t thank you enough for making me so knowledgeable in massage! I’ve been so busy ever since I moved. Helped so many people with problems they have had for awhile that no one else has been able to help for them. Every single person I have massaged has said it’s the best they have ever had. Thank you!” -Peyton Baker, May 2015, Massage Therapy Graduate

” I started at Central Oklahoma College in 2013 when it was originally called Central State Beauty Academy. I graduated from HS and immediately started cosmetology school. Not only did they honor me with the Harold Fisher Scholarship for my tuition but they also made my experience memorable more than ever. Whether it was state board drills or a hair style challenge, they always kept it interesting. I graduated and received my license then life happened. So I decided to try something different and wanted to pursue the medical field. In 2016 I came back to Central Oklahoma College and started the Medical Assistant Program. I was super nervous to try something new but I’m a person who believes in multiple careers and I received both of my careers and licenses here at this wonderful school. Some days for both programs were much tougher than others but the instructors weren’t just instructors, they were also there to push me through life itself as well as school. They are very willing to go the extra mile for students and that’s what I appreciated the most! I am currently working with both of my licenses/registries and it’s amazing! I am now enrolled in Nursing school for my RN and I do plan to open my own beauty bar! I can truly thank and give praise to this school who has made my foundation for me and my future! Plan your path and future here at Central Oklahoma College.” -Ashley Humbles 2016, Medical Assistant Graduate

“Central State Beauty and Wellness College equipped me with the skills, knowledge, and tools to build a successful career. The staff strives to maintain a network of working professionals even after graduation. Central State has continued to empower my professional growth to this day!” -Nicole Singhisen, Esthetician Graduate

“With the knowledge that I recieved from Central State I was able to pass State Board with flying colors and am now working at a Medical Spa, my dream job. I would not be where I am today without the constant support from all staff members, they truly are there to help you succeed.” -Arianna Pugliese, Esthetician Graduate