Becoming a massage therapist can open up a world of opportunity for you. Upon completion of a  state approved & licensed massage therapy program at Central Oklahoma College you could look for employment in a public or private spa or hospital, work in a fitness centre as a sports massage therapist, or augment the workforce of another massage practitioner. You also have the option of starting your own business, where you offer in-house and at-home massage for your clients. Becoming a massage therapist is an extremely rewarding career because you work with clients to help resolve their pain issues or injury.


What is a massage therapist?

There’s a perception that working in a massage therapist role involves nothing more than asking a client to get comfortable, and then kneading their muscles to help them relax. What’s actually involved is an in-depth knowledge of human physiology and anatomy, proper diagnosis of the condition or injury, and then applying the correct massage technique for the client. Human pathology is also an area that massage therapists need to be well versed in because of the potential risks involved with administering massage to clients with certain conditions or illnesses, with cancer being a perfect example.

In addition to providing muscle and soft tissue massage, you will also work with clients to assess their treatment needs, taking their medical history into account, and then develop a treatment plan to deliver the results they need.

Another key area of massage therapy is advising clients – typically those with injuries – of correct stretching techniques to improve their range of flexibility and posture, while also helping to repair their injury. You will also be expected to maintain client treatment records in an organized, secure, yet accessible manner.


What you’ll learn

The Massage Therapy program at Central Oklahoma College comprehensively covers the topics of modern massage therapy and technique, Swedish massage, sports massage, and Reflexology. You’ll also learn how to massage clients with specific health requirements and/or with special needs. Your theoretical and practical course modules cover human physiology, anatomy and pathology in detail, with plenty of lab work involved.

Other key elements of our massage course include active listening and customer service skills, critical thinking skills, and documenting administrative procedures.


What are the requirements?

To qualify for admission to the Massage Therapy program at Central Oklahoma College , you must possess a High School diploma, or a High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) or a GED. Strong written and verbal communication skills are desirable, as is computer literacy. Ideal students would be self-motivated, have a desire to help others, and be prepared to improve their own physical strength and stamina due to the requirements of the profession.  In order to apply for your state license you must also be at least 18 years of age on the date of your application.


Salary Expectations

Salary expectations can be found on many government websites such as and and may vary depending on the type of work sought after such as private or public business, self- employment, this may also vary depending on experience and your client base.


Our Training Program

If you’re currently looking for a massage school in OKC, then you should strongly consider the Massage Therapy program from Central Oklahoma College. Our experienced instructors prepare you for your career, by guiding you through the science of massage therapy while also teaching you the practical skills required to be a professional in this field.